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The Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional - 1758 Words

1. What year and in what case did the US Supreme Court decide that the administration of the death penalty was unconstitutional? Provide a compelling statement form the opinion in this case. 1972, Furman v. Georgia. The opinion said, â€Å"[t]he Court holds that the imposition and carrying out of the death penalty in these cases constitute cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments.† 2. Highlight three procedural facts related to the death penalty outlined by Bedau in the second essay. The Supreme Court ruled that the mandatory death penalty was unconstitutional in 1976. By the 1950s, it was not uncommon for both state and federal appellate courts to review a defendant’s capital conviction. In recent†¦show more content†¦In other words, the government should minimize suffering. Therefore, the Minimum Invasion argument would stand against the use death penalty. Opponents of this argument claim that sometimes things are not equal and the criminal may deserve more than a minimal punishment, deserving, in fact, the death penalty. 8. Provide an argument for retribution and one against (citing the essayist for each side from the text). Louis P. Pojman provides an argument for retribution as he states, â€Å"The moral justification of punishment is not vengeance, but desert. Vengeance signifies inflicting harm on the offender out of anger because of what he has done. Retribution is the rationally supported theory that the criminal deserves a punishment fitting the gravity of his crime† (p. 57). Therefore, retribution is not based on hatred for the criminal, but is the belief that the criminal deserves to be punished in proportion to his crime, whether or not the victim or anyone else desires it. Retribution, as explained by Louis Pojman, supports the death penalty as it proposes that those who have taken a life deserve to lose their own life. Hugo Adam Bedau provides an argument against retribution as he states, â€Å"Retribution does not yield a coherent and comprehensive system of punishment† (p. 42). Beau argues that the principle by itself does not provide a defense for the death penalty; it is fully satisfied by a lesserShow MoreRelatedCapital Punishment Of The United States961 Words   |  4 Pagescrimes are subject to facing the death penalty. Pickens shares, â€Å"Capital crimes are considered to be treason or terrorist attacks against the government, crimes against property when life is threatened, and crimes against a person that may include murder, assault, and robbery.† Dating back to 1608, the execution of George Kendall is believed to be one of the first recorded cases of capital punishment in the United States (Pickens). Kendall was sentenced to death for aiding the Spanish, which wasRead MoreThe Death Penalty And The Supreme Court1747 Words   |  7 PagesThe Death Penalty and the Suprem e Court The death penalty is a controversial topic that has been brought to the United States Supreme Court many times. According to the Oxford dictionary, the death penalty is the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime . Usually the death penalty is administered for murder, attempted murder, or intent to kill. It started off being administered by hanging, but then evolved to the electric chair and is now administeredRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal1740 Words   |  7 PagesThe death penalty is a controversial topic that has been brought to the United States Supreme Court many times. According to the Oxford dictionary, the death penalty is the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime . Usually the death penalty is administered for murder, attempted murder, or intent to kill. It started off being administered by hanging, but then evolved to the electric chair and is now administered thro ugh lethal injection. From 1940 to 2014Read MoreSocietyS Impact Pertaining To Juveniles And Death Penalty.1448 Words   |  6 PagesSociety s Impact Pertaining to Juveniles and Death Penalty The juvenile death penalty and in turn the death penalty are a much-debated topic. Society has conflicting views on the two topics, and these views have impacted the laws concerning the death penalty and juvenile death penalty. Eventually, societal views have made changes to both issues over time. The Death Penalty The death penalty is â€Å"death as a punishment given by court of law for very serious crimes. It is also referred to as capitalRead MoreDebate on the Death Penalty in America1482 Words   |  6 Pagesthat Simmons was guilty of first degree murder and he was sentenced to death. Later court decision concluded that because he was a minor when he committed the murder he could not be justly given the death penalty. The final sentence was life in prison with no bail and no parole. (Bessler, 12-16 ) The excerpt above is from the book, Cruel and Unusual. It later states in this book that if Simmons had received the death penalty then that would have violated his eighth and fourteenth amendment rightsRead MoreConstitutionality of the Death Penalty1485 Words   |  6 Pageswas that Simmons was guilty of first degree murder and was sentenced to death. Later court decisions decided that because he was a minor when he committed the murder he could not be justly put to death. In the cas e the final sentence was life in prison with no bail and no parole. (Bessler, 12-16 ) The excerpt above is from the book Cruel and Unusual. It later states in this book that if Simmons had received the death penalty then that would have violated his eighth and fourteenth amendment rightsRead MoreCapital Punishment Should Be Banned1515 Words   |  7 Pagesduring the famous Salem Witch Trials. These days the use of the death penalty has become an anachronism. In recent times has capital punishment become a place for argument to those supporting and those opposing the death penalty. Capital punishment should be federally banned for its inconsistencies in proving to be a deterrent to crime for targeting people of color and for being unconstitutional. It has been thought that the death penalty would inevitably discourage people from committing feloniousRead MoreCapital Punishment Research Paper1425 Words   |  6 Pagesjustice system is a complicated area of government; not all states enforce the death penalty, because criminal punishment is a subject left for the states to decide (Banner, 2002). There are multiple methods of execution available to enforce the death penalty; different states enforce different methods, even multiple methods (Death Penalty Information Center, 2010). There are some people that argue the death penalty is a form of cruel and unusual punishment and should be prohibited by the constitutionRead MoreEssay about 8th Amendment1153 Words   |  5 PagesThe Eighth Amendment The 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, as well as the setting of excessive bail or the imposition of excessive fines. However, it has also been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States (according to the Eighth Amendment)to inflict physical damage on students in a school environment for the purpose of discipline in most circumstances. The 8th Amendment stipulates that bail shall notRead MoreEssay about The Eighth Amendment1138 Words   |  5 PagesThe 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, as well as the setting of excessive bail or the imposition of excessive fines. However, it has also been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States (according to the Eighth Amendment)to inflict physical damage on students in a school environment for the purpose of discipline in most circumstances. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The 8th Amendment stipulates

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The Effects of Alcoholism During Pregnancy Essay - 1097 Words

The Effects of Alcoholism During Pregnancy The hazardous dangers of alcoholism during pregnancy have been known for decades. However, even with the vast information given to pregnant mothers, with labeled warnings on every alcoholic beverage, pregnant women still continue to pick up the bottle of alcohol, continuing their journey to the destruction of their bodies and the road of dangers for the unborn child. Perhaps every person who has little to no knowledge in health care, are still able to comprehend and recognize the consequences of alcoholism during pregnancy. Although many women are aware that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause birth defects, many do not realize that moderate-or†¦show more content†¦Take a child who has been born, then goes through the pain of having an abusive parent. If the parents are exposed to the authorities, they will go to jail and lose the rights to the child, and with proper counseling and therapy, the child will live a normal life. Yet, if the child is unborn, the mother can do whatever she would like, even if it means harming the baby, and the authorities can do nothing. When the baby is born, the child might have irreparable brain damage or some physical defect and would not be able to live a normal life for the rest of its life. The abuse that the unborn child goes through is the same as if it was born, but the severity is much greater and nothing can be done. To me, this is child abuse of the worst kind. An unborn child is getting abused with drugs, alcohol, or whatever the mother may be ingesting, and the child is unable to defend itself. If the child was born, it could call someone for help, but an unborn child cannot speak and therefore needs someone to speak for it in case of any danger that might come to it. The alcoholism during pregnancy epidemic-crisis is real. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause physical and mental birth defects. Each year, more thanShow MoreRelatedThe Disorder Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome1018 Words   |  5 Pagesneither eat any unclean thing(Bible-Judges 13:7).It has been known throughout history that the effects of alcohol use in pregnancy can be detrimental to the health and safety of the unborn child. Alcohol is now considered a teratogen. A teratogen is any substance that causes harm to an unborn child. It was not labeled as such until the late part of the 1900 s.The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy has been named as one of the most preventable causes of birth defects in the United States(BaileyRead MoreAdverse Effect Of Alcohol Consumption1321 Words   |  6 PagesThe Adverse Effect of Alcohol Consumption In Whiting S. Albert’s article â€Å"Alcohol Use Is Harmful† he stated that alcohol is a chemical that contains hydrogen and carbon. Whiting stated further that the active ingredient of alcohol is ethyl alcohol, which is also known as ethanol. Alcohol is one of the few things that human being consume that do not need digestion. Alcohol appears the bloodstream immediately, thus, its intoxicating effects are felt instantly (1). â€Å"High levels of mortality, morbidityRead MoreEssay on Alcoholism1274 Words   |  6 Pages What is Alcoholism? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The definition of alcoholism can be described as a chronic illness, which is marked by uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages that interferes with physical or mental health, and social, family or occupational responsibilities. This dependence on alcohol has only been diagnosed as a medical disorder recently in the medical field. Like many other diseases, it has a predictable course and is influenced environmentally and sometimes geneticallyRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol Abuse During Pregnancy1552 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The Council on Recovery, plans to address the issue of alcohol abuse during pregnancy in Harris county, TX with behavioral and cognitive-based education interventions. According to the CDC, pregnant women with the highest prevalence of any alcohol use were those that are 35-44 years of age, college graduates, or not married with lifetime-care costs estimated at over $2 million. The CDC also reports the state of Texas has 45% of any alcohol use among women aged 18-44 and 14.8% of theRead MoreAlcoholism Is Not A Lifestyle Choice For Alcoholics1047 Words   |  5 PagesAlcoholism is not a lifestyle choice for alcoholics. It is a disease, like cancer, where intervention, treatment, and follow up are needed to recover. As with cancer, remission and a cure cannot be guaranteed. Alcohol causes a wide range of negative effects in the lives of alcoholics and those who know and love them. One drink of alcohol is considered 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or 1.5 ounces of 80 proof distilled spirits such as vodka or whiskey (Schmitt). â€Å"If you are a man under age 65Read MoreFetal Alcohol Syndrome And Its Effects1712 Words   |  7 Pages Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and its Effects On a Child’s Cognitive Development Dane D. Hrencher Kansas State University Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and its Effects On a Child’s Cognitive Development Alcohol is known as one the most dangerous teratogens. Every time a pregnant woman drinks, she allows alcohol to enter her blood stream and make its way into the placenta. Unlike the mother, the fetus is unable to break down alcohol that makes the blood alcohol level of the fetus the same orRead MoreAlcohol Abuse Within Native American Societies Essay1303 Words   |  6 Pageslife and the reasons perhaps why they choose to live as such. I will then illustrate the consequences it has for an entire family, should they remain a whole entity. Next we will look at the effects drugs and alcohol on younger generations and what ages are getting involved today. After I will show the effects of following generations, whether the children of such addict choose to continue the abuse or if they decide they want better for themselves and their own children. Lastly who is responsibleRead MoreCauses and Effects of Alcohol Abuse955 Words   |  4 PagesApril 22, 2013 English 101 Alcoholism is the excessive and usually uncontrollable use of alcoholic drinks. There are many symptoms, complications, treatments and ways of prevention for alcoholism. Certain groups of people may be at a greater risk than others for several different reasons. There are numerous factors in why people may become addicted. Usually, a variety of factors contribute to the development of alcoholism. Social factors such as the influence of peers, familyRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol And What It Affects Your Body1036 Words   |  5 Pages I. Introduction A. This paper will mostly talk about Alcoholism. B. It will tell about the effects of alcohol and what it does to others. C. It will explain the dangers of drinking and what the outcome will be. D. This paper will also talk about drunk driving and what the outcome of that will be. II. Body One A. A fairly large amount of people will go out and have a drink with a buddy, coworker, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever, after a long day. B. They may have a drink or two, but it only takesRead MoreDrug Addiction And Behavioral Or Process Addictions1666 Words   |  7 Pagesalcohol. Alcohol addiction is also known as alcoholism or alcohol dependence and it is an illness. When a person suffers from alcoholism they are classified as alcoholics. Alcoholism is a disease classified by being addicted to alcoholic beverages, It is the repeated excessive use of alcohol and it can decrease the ability to operate socially and vocally. Alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction. Millions of people are dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism can happen from many different factors

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Binge Drinking In the UK Free Essays

History of binge drinking in the UK can be traced to several years back and nobody can tell exactly when it started. The Stone Age group thinks that fermenting of alcohol began twelve thousand years ago, during the Neolithic period, and there is no any idea if straws were used. The people of UK never got on to Thevinum until the Romans brought wine that was diluted with water. We will write a custom essay sample on Binge Drinking In the UK or any similar topic only for you Order Now Romans in Britain influenced drinking. The Roman emperors who ruled from AD37 to AD69 were drunkards, despite the fact they were not allowed to drink while in the power stool. The Romans brought about a culture where wine was consumed along with food and children consumed diluted wine . Beer was used as a carbohydrate food in early years. In medieval England there were three fermentations with the strongest one for men, then women and weakest for monks and children. Monks brewed the best quality to be used in Eucharist. In 1736 parliament wanted to pass a law to regulate gin but people rioted and instead production increased. During World War 1 the government was concerned about the female soldiers who drank alcohol while fighting, thereby it introduced laws reducing beer’s strength and by the end of the war consumption had reduced, but at the moment it is on the rise. The culture of binge drinking in the UK does exist and it involves drinking intentionally to become intoxicated. The rate of consumption of Alcohol in UK per capita has risen in the last decade. People in UK not only drink beer but also spirits. The culture of binge drinking in UK is a daily norm associated with fat incomes whereby alcohol consumption is a common part of everyday life activity characterised by low rates of abstinence and easy availability of alcohol. Binge drinking is higher in UK than in France. The culture of drinking in UK is different from other European nations which have binge drinkers doing it slowly in the evening, while in the UK it is done rapidly hence drunkenness. In the UK binge drinking culture has unique features whereby in a social context you find large groups of about eight to twelve going out with partners with a purpose of getting drunk together. The binge drinking culture is a problem that costs the country billions of money each year. Binge drinking has both positive and negative effects. Beer is a drug like any other drug like cocaine or heroin . Binge drinking makes one to increase his self- confidence, one becomes relaxed. An average consumption of alcohol increases one’s sex drive (libido). On the other hand drinking can cause changes in people’s lives and behaviour. Alcohol cause illness and health problems, it can cause brain cell damage and the brain can not judge well, events will not be coordinated well in the brain and at older age one will lose memory. When one takes alcohol, it is directly absorbed to bloodstream and makes every organ vulnerable to diseases like cancer. Drinking though known not to be illegal, has massive social costs than illegal drugs . Binge drinking makes one easily confused and one becomes emotional. Over drinking puts one at a risk of losing consciousness and it increases the chances on one causing an accident if driving under the influence of alcohol. Drinking increase ones risk of becoming a victim of heart attack and one feels nauseous. With alcohol consumption, self control becomes a problem, with depression. Binge drinkers risk liver damage and cirrhosis. Students who binge drink are likely to fall behind in class work and are likely to plagiarise their work for submission. Binge drinking causes death, injuries and increased cases of sexual assault. Fighting at drinking places and place of resident will be on the rise . Youths are increasingly becoming binge drinkers. Children start binge drinking at an early age before teenage age. There is widespread binge drinking acts among the teenagers and pre-teens, with parents either ignoring or accepting such acts. In Europe, a youth apart from students drinking is not welcome but in UK it is welcome and youths massively drink. Youths have social pressure to get drunk in order to fit a certain socially group, especially during a night out. Youths at any moment they get money they link one another and go out for intoxication. France has taken a step and it is struggling to combat youths from consuming alcohol. In conclusion, binge drinking is a real problem rather than an illusion, which need to be combated in the UK. Binge drinking has a long history in the UK, the culture of drinking is luring youths each day, who do not take into consideration or who ignore the severe consequences of binge drinking. The government of UK is experiencing a rise in binge drinking by the youths. This has become a problematic issue to the government of UK in curbing the drinking culture. Bibliography: Family Training Program. Family training program for Alcohol misuse 2009. Accessed at,http://www. alcoholconcern. org. uk/files/20090429_190115_Flyer%20A5. pdf Gossop M. Living with Drugs, Ashgate Publishing, 2007. Vallely P. 2,000 Years of Binge Drinking, 2005. Accessed at, http://www. independent. co. uk/news/uk/this-britain/2000-years-of-binge-drinking- 516009. html How to cite Binge Drinking In the UK, Papers Binge drinking in the UK Free Essays We see drunken people almost everyday; whether it is on the news, in our local pub, walking down the street, or possibly even that one colleague at work who’s having a hard time. We’ve all heard the stories on the news about Britain’s problems with alcohol, whether its minors being inebriated, students binge drinking, or those of us who are simply alcoholics. And what are our great leaders doing to help prevent this? What is always their answer when this topic is raised in parliament? ‘Let us raise the minimum legal age for buying and consuming alcohol to 21. We will write a custom essay sample on Binge drinking in the UK or any similar topic only for you Order Now ’ However I propose something radically different. Let us lower it. Aside from the obvious reasons – such as being able to get married at 16 but being unable to have a celebratory drink at your own wedding – there are many valid reasons to lower the age limit. Most of us know the story of Adam and Eve being thrown out of The Garden of Eden because Eve ate one of the Apples from the tree of wisdom after God told them specifically not to eat from that tree but they could eat anything else they wished to eat. This is probably the best known version of the â€Å"Forbidden Fruits† theory – also where the name originated from. There has been many psychological studies to prove and determine how, when and why the â€Å"Forbidden Fruits† theory works the way it does. If you say to your child â€Å"here is a chocolate bar, but you can’t eat it† all the child will think about is that chocolate bar and eating it. It is exactly the same with youths and alcohol, making them want to drink underage. – and this is where the problem begins for every drinker. Simply because the youths know they can not and should not drink they will do everything possible get their hands on alcohol as often as they can. However if we lower the minimum age of consumption, therefore making alcohol more accessible to youths, the number of youths with alcohol problems will decrease significantly. In countries such as Italy and France where drinking a moderate amount of alcohol with the evening meal is the norm, they have significantly less alcohol related health issues than we do. Children are allowed a sip of wine or a slurp of beer because it’s a social activity. Children, and therefore teenagers, see alcohol and its function differently. They have no concept of going out â€Å"to get drunk†. There is also the problem that, just like sex, alcohol is everywhere. There is at least one pub on every corner, every shop has an alcohol section – often near the checkout, alcohol in television shows and movies, advertisements for alcohol itself, empty tin cans and bottles lying in the streets – often smashed, inebriated people walking home, it becomes drilled into our brains to drink. To someone who is attempting not to drink, it is very hard and they will almost certainly give in due to constant reminders ‘taunting’ them. I believe we should join our brothers and sisters in the European Union. Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, the Netherlands and Switzerland all have minimum ages of 16 for buying and consumption. Meanwhile Cyprus has a minimum age of 17 and in Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and Sweden there is no minimum age. While countries in the EU do tend to drink more, the number of alcohol related problems is significantly less than in other countries. In America 57% of the adult population admit to drinking too much. When it comes to minors drinking in America only 9% of the drinkers aged 12 -14 did not binge drink – and it only gets worse! 6% of 15-17 year olds do not binge drink and a shocking 4% of 18-20 years olds (bearing in mind that the minimum age for buying and consuming alcohol in America is 21.) However in Spain only 5% of the population has an alcohol related problem. Why? They too start drinking in their early teens – just like us Britons – although the difference is they are encouraged to not only drink with friends but with family too. Finally, in Italy the quickest way to lose your friend’s and neighbors’ respect is to get drunk in public. Drinking on the streets is considered disrespectful. I feel we need a shift in the way we think about alcohol and the restrictions on it and this needs to be government led, by lowering the age limit for buying alcohol. If children grew up knowing what wine, beer etc tasted like, the mysticism behind it has been removed, and therefore the impulse to go out and get drunk. By lowering, not raising, the age limit there will be an almost instant change in the number of people abusing alcohol, especially in the younger generations. How to cite Binge drinking in the UK, Papers

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Product Advancement Trend

Relevant consumption trends The onset of mobile technology has transformed the way of life of the modern day society. Every person out there wants to communicate. A cell phone is a convenient way to communicate due to its portability as well as cost. The information age has demanded more than just communication in the strict sense.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Product Advancement Trend specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The consumer wants an opportunity to derive entertainment information access as well as the actual communication itself. The mobile phone companies have adapted to this demand by developing products that meet the average requirements in a satisfactory manner. The cell phone cuts across all the market demands and therefore offers the customer the benefit of a single gadget with several applications. The cell phone market has been typically subdivided into two main segments. The first is the high e nd segment that comprises of business persons and the professional class. These customers are the most influential in as far as price is concerned since they have a high level of loyalty to the product as long as they develop a sense of trust for such a product. The second segment is the low end consumer class that is made of the blue collar as well as the personal end users. The preferences of these customers greatly depend on the individual’s behavior and preference. However the actual purchase is mostly affected by the financial implication of the product purchased. The high end customers are more likely to purchase the more expensive versions of the black berry that have more features that assist them in their daily professional encounters. Their spending may be motivated by either necessity or actual availability of finances. They are therefore more product-specific. For instance the professionals are more likely to go for a cell phone that has an operating system that w ill allow them undertake the duties that they would otherwise have waited to get to a computer in order to access such features. The general average annual spending among the first segment is higher than that of the second. Customers from both segments have an opportunity to access these products from the certified dealers in selected selling points such as malls and supermarkets. There are also numerous specialized dealers who deal in electronic sale that offer the black berry based products. Customers have the option of also purchasing the product online from the various websites such as E-bay. Online sale has gained credence due to its flexibility convenience and speed as compared to over the counter sale. The products are available on these sites with varying charges depending on the prevailing rates. The most recent statistics suggest that the customers buy more at the end of the month and before festivities. The levels of sales were also very low during cold seasons as most of the customers were indoors.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The preference has been the purchase through online dealers who deliver the product after a given period of time. The percentage of people who ordered the product specifically as a present amounted to 20% of the general consumer base. With these customers the probability of purchasing this product again is quite slim. This would be because they were not actually getting the phone for someone else. They could either be creating an impression on the person or recommending the product. The other percentage either went through the actual product acquisition model that involves gathering information, evaluation of the product, purchase and post purchase procedures. The market is affected by various variables and there can be no specific conclusive explanation of the current or future trend in the consumer’s behav ior. On average however the loyalty of the consumer was motivated by advertisement and word from friends and alternative sources of information. The black berry has been in the black berry phone specifically the touch 9800 mobile is a market leader that has been created to serve the interests of the consumer form both ends. The all too familiar receptiveness of the device to new applications and the removal of old ones give it a dignified prominence in the specialty. The black berry company has made several efforts over the years to ensure that their products subscribe to the demands of the modern day consumer. The product has an inbuilt operating system that supports most document formats (Alba and Hutchinson 2000, p 123). The core proposition of the brand is to ensure that the customer receives quality. The substance of the brand slogan suggests that the product inspires brings together the essential features of the phone to guarantee the user maximum utility. A review of the pro duct has disclosed the salient features that continuously make the product a market leader (Naercio 2003, pp130-135). The shape provides a sense of class that is supplemented by the feel of the touch screen that would otherwise be in traditional landscape shape. The keyboard slides from below the screen to allow the user the convenience of reducing and condensing the size of the phone to fit a smaller space and to fit the grasp of the palm. The screen has an onscreen keyboard that allows the consumer who does not want to use the keyboard to operate the phone. The message writer also has an inbuilt spell checker that allows the user to correct the messages I case they make a mistake. The messaging service also has a predictor service that reduces the time taken typing in the words in the message. It also bars a 12-key alphanumeric keyboard, that allows for the SureType option, which creates a provision for the option of two letters per key.Advertising We will write a custom essa y sample on Product Advancement Trend specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For convenience the phone offers up to ten different ways of performing of performing one task from the basic text message writing to checking of emails. The phone can be likened to the iphone in as far as the touch screen devises is concerned. However the blackberry 9800 is the antithesis of the complexity of the iphone technology as it provides an unchanging home screen icon selection and an extremely basic user interface button setup that is very easy to understand (Alba and Hutchinson 2000, p 123) The continuous use of this product allows the consumer to adjust phones accessibility options within and around the phone to fit the prescriptions and requirements that they find fit. The phone offers a sense of maturity for those users who would rather prefer a complicated interface that is best understood by them. This means that the phone provides a sense of pride among peers who may not be able to use the phones features effectively (Naercio 2003, pp130-135). The brand positioning statement centers on inspiration of the consumer. The product does more than that by securing a complicated safe house of information. The user can zoom in and out of browser pages with the pinch of the finger for better visibility and flexibility in the navigation of the phone. The phone also comes with the company’s latest operating system software the black Berry 6 OS that has numerous improvements for flexibility and convenience. Criticism may have it that the products resolution is much lower than that of the rival touch screen technologies such as the Samsung galaxy s and the iphone 4. The resolution has been supplemented by the slide manual keyboard and the high zoom potential and magnification Marketing Strategy recommendations Need Recognition The product brand is quite new in the market since it is among the latest inventions and improvements of th e black berry technology and has little awareness in its development. The competitor technologies have gained a lot of ground in as far as consumer awareness and therefore leave a great marketing gap. The recommended strategic approach will be one that incorporates aggressive marketing processes embedded in a marketing campaign that will ensure that the existing customer’s are reminded of the existence of the product. As for the new customers the campaign will create a good background that will convince the consumers of the superiority of the production the market. The campaign will utilize all avenues of access to customers such as Facebook,Twitter and YouTube by creating a commanding presence in both in visual and audio reviews and advertisements(Alba and Hutchinson 2000, p 123). The campaign will also incorporate the assistance of the various media houses through promotions that will allow the listeners to acquire a sample of the product. The campaign will also maintain a high level of presence in print media in journals and daily newspapers across the world market.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Information Search The products evaluation information will be highly accessible from the output social network sources that will create a database for the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. The comments that will be received on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will be used to evaluate the brand strategy as well as the future market campaign. The information available fro these reactions as to the negative and positive aspects of the products will be used to reengineer the products outlook to suit the tastes and preferences in as far as color and shape is concerned. (Dipak and Naufel 1999, pp131-137) The reactions of the retailers and distributors will also be taken into account. The online sales reactions on the product as well as the reactions of those who acquire the product over the counter will also be taken into consideration in the formulation of future strategies. Evaluation Inadvertently the consumer is going to weigh the opportunity cost of forgoing t he other competitor products such as the Samsung galaxies or the iphone 4. Such a consumer will be looking to acquire a product that allows them to use the touch screen technology in the most flexible way. The blackberry 9800 will have an unmatched advantage over all these products because of the additional features that accrue to the phone that are availed by the additional keyboard that allows more convenience and flexibility. As it is the product has a very affordable price quotation that is not likely to change even as the effects of the recession continues to take its toll on the economies around the world (Naercio 2003,pp130-135). For the first few years the product will maintain a stable price that will only vary depending on the mode that the consumer chooses in the purchase since each sales channels has different cost implications. Once the product gains enough market confidence the company will then transfer the prevailing market condition implications to the consumers. Th e consumer will also be thinking of the resolution of the phone as opposed to the competitors provisions of the same feature. They will however be impressed by the flexibility of the product as far as magnification is concerned. The product will supplements the need for a high resolution with the resolution potential that is inbuilt in the product. The product also has a much lesser price compared to the competitor products and will therefore take advantage of the economic recession conditions by stabilizing its price to allow the consumer to acquire it. (Dipak and Naufel 1999, pp131-137) Purchase The product will be mostly marketed among the young generation. This implies that the main clientele will fall within the age bracket of between 18 and 40 years. There is a very high likelihood that two thirds of these individuals have access to the internet or are at least aware of the online modes of purchase. The marketing strategy will therefore ensure that each online selling point ha s a stock of this product. The online stores will also offer a discount for every two phones that are purchased in one go. The products will also be available in the various phone sale points that have worldwide coverage. Examples of these stores within the UK include the UK Car phone Warehouse, dial a phone and mobiles These are known to offer satisfactory services in as far as the delivery of goods is concerned. The product marketing strategy will also partner with the relevant marketing partners in the various countries to facilitate the availability of this product to the customer at affordable prices. The initial price of the product has been  £414.99. This has been quite high for the low end consumer. On the other hand it would be quite hard to maintain a lower price in the face of the prevailing economic conditions. This price however will be reduced by up to  £7 to create a promotion price of  £407 that will be used as a mechanism of attracting customers. The e vidence from the existing market trends indicate that personalized sales and marketing promotion attempts were more effective than all other methods of advertising. The customer is more likely to purchase a product after such a product has been explained to them on a person to person basis. Those who accessed the retail selling points from the online sellers required to be convinced by sales representatives in order to acquire the product. (Dipak and Naufel 1999, pp131-137) Post Purchase The consumer upon acquiring the product did not bother to send feedback. This was the case especially with off the counter sales. However those who acquire the product from an online source were keen enough to leave a comment or two concerning the effectiveness of the product and the areas that were in need of improvement. The product has a year’s warranty and therefore the response from the consumers who returned product that had few defects were contented with the corrections made. The thir d member of the group upon acquiring the products and sending them to his aunt discovered that one of them had a mechanical problem. Upon returning the product the product was satisfactorily repaired (Alba and Hutchinson 2000, p 123). Conclusion The existing variables have a positive and negative effect on the marketing mix adopted for the delivery of this product to the market. As it were the price has a great bearing on the demand of the product. If it is too high then the low end consumers have little chance at acquiring the product. On the other hand if the product is priced lower than the competitor’s prices the market impression is that the product is of an inferior quality and should not be taken seriously. The product in seeks to venture into an already saturated market that is flooded with similar counterfeit cheap products. It is therefore important that the consumer understands the value that comes with the new product. The product however will take advantage of th e already established brand name black berry to maintain a high profile for the consumer who wishes to acquire the product in future. The pricing strategy that will be used to review the products price takes into consideration the prevailing market situation and gives credence to the consumer’s interest. This ensures that the consumers strain in the harsh economic times is supplemented adequately and in a proper and timely manner. References Alba, J. W., and Wesley, H. (2000) Knowledge Calibration: What Consumer Know and What They Think They Know. Journal of Consumer Research, 27, p123 Dipak, J.C., and Vilcassim, N. J. (1999) Pricing Patterns of Cellular Phones and Phonecalls: A Segment-Level Analysis. Market science, 45(2) p131-137 Naercio, M. (2003) Is the Consumer Sector Competitive in the U.K.? A Test Using Household-Level Demand Elasticities and Firm-Level Price Equations. Journal of Business Economic Statistics, 23(3) pp130-135A This essay on Product Advancement Trend was written and submitted by user Mohammed Stark to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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What is an Anti-Villain (With Definitions and Examples)

What is an Antis) What is an Antis) A Song of Ice and Fire has held the hearts of fantasy-readers for the past 20 years, and Marvel movies have been dominating movie screens for a decade. So you might be wondering: what makes these franchises so compelling? The answer? Anti-villains.These days, people want more than black and white characters (protagonists who are inherently good and antagonists who are inherently bad). They want flawed heroes who struggle to carry out their goals, and complex villains with backstories and motives that show their humanity. Enter: anti-heroes and anti-villains. In other words, characters who defy their literary conventions.This post will cover the latter character type, and we’ll start by answering the question... What's an "anti-villain" and why are they so popular these days? What is an anti-villain?Anti-villains have noble characteristics, values, and goals, but how they strive for those goals is often questionable - or downright abhorrent. Like traditional villains, anti-villains stand in the way of the hero’s goal. But unlike a traditional â€Å"bad guy,† the anti-villain isn’t necessarily evil. Starting to wonder about every villain you’ve ever read? What was Maleficent’s childhood like? Did Bane just need a hug? Perhaps the Sheriff of Nottingham was just misunderstood?To help you plot out your own morally grey characters, check out the following helpful blog posts all about crafting memorable characters.Character Development: How to Write Characters Your Readers Won't Forget 9 Common Types of Fantasy Characters (With Examples) How to Write a Compelling Character Arc 12 Character Archetypes Every Writer Should Know How to Create a Character Profile: the Ultimate Guide (with Template)Did we miss any major anti-villains you think deserve a mention! Drop their name - or any other thoughts or questions - in the comments below!

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What To Do if You Miss Your ACT Test

What To Do if You Miss Your ACT Test Maybe you were sick- you were up all night, feverish and full of aches - so when the morning of your test came around, you just werent up to testing. Or, perhaps you just didnt feel prepared. You hadnt taken the time to study for the ACT, so on the morning of the exam, you decided to miss your ACT test and figure it out later, even though you had already registered. What in the world do you do now? Its pretty simple, really. Youre going to apply for an ACT Test Date Change. ACT Test Date Change Procedures First, go to and log into your account.Once youre in your account, select Make changes to your registration.Follow the prompts to select a new test date, making note of the regular and late registration deadlines.If youre trying to change your test date and its already beyond the late registration period, then youll need to apply for Standby Testing. ACT Test Date Change Cost Although youve already paid the registration fee for the ACT or ACT Plus Writing test, youll have to pay the test date change fee. In addition, youll be charged the regular ACT registration fee for the new date, or, if you register late, the late registration fee as well. ACT Test Date Change Issues If you dont have access to your account for some reason- perhaps youre on a mountaintop with no WIFI- then contact ACT at 319-337-1270 to change your ACT test date. Make sure you have the following information in hand when you call so youre not scrambling down the mountain attempting to quickly locate your moms credit card at base camp: Your name exactly as it appears on the ID you will use when you go to take the testA credit cardYour addressThe test center where youd like to testThe test date on which youd like to test Get Ready for Your Next ACT Test Date Even though you didnt make it to the test center to take the ACT this time around, youll have another chance. Theres still plenty of time to do well on your college admissions exam. If you opted out of taking the ACT because you were unprepared, then take this additional time to prepare and study. There are several ways to get ready for the ACT exam without spending a fortune or months of time. Look into online resources, including sample test questions provided by the ACT.

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Post Project Implementation Audit; Office Move Scenario Coursework

Post Project Implementation Audit; Office Move Scenario - Coursework Example h office furniture and personal belongings was by using the Monster Movers at $ 18,500 when added to the electrical installation costs of $ 12,000 makes $ 30,500. The lower costs were to use Willies Workers while the lowest was to use the services of staff workers and the members of the choral group with obvious incentives. Assuming the project manager was rational, the method that would minimize costs was chosen, the Willies workers. The costs were literally reduced owing to an incentive by the corporate manager of a bonus of half the amount of everything saved within a budget of $30,000. The costs optimization was possible by using Calvin’ s Cartage. The ability of the mover to meet risk insurance part was catered for by their insurance cover while saving on costs by quoting $9,950 (Project smart, 2010). The new office space comfortably accommodates 32 employees bigger than the previous that only settled in 24 employees. The office space also guarantees future expansion. Mov ing warehouse, stockroom and file archives first followed by desks, office equipments the following week made sure no employee or processes were disrupted. For electrical installations, an experienced electrician, whose record is known by the company, was hired. This contractor was identified and tendered because of trusted competence in handling lighting, power, wiring and cabling needs. Besides, the contractor had crew members available any time of the week. Weekdays allowed for critical layout of office design, changes were also made to electrical power service to cater for new Local Area Network, computer systems and desktop work stations. Satisfactory placement of lighting to meet new lighting arrangement was done. Office cubicles were retained as the previous one which brought a same... The client was contented with the ability of the project manager to engage and actively involve employees in the relocation exercise. The employee work time was not interrupted hence productivity within this period was not compromised. Employees showed support to any course that would improve and sustain company’s objectives. Their acceptance for relocation meant their desire to meet employer’s objectives and goals. Owing to the fact that all the furniture and equipment transfer was done within a given time and cost frame, the client would certainly approve of the method or process used.The aspect of employee participation in the exercise motivates and inculcates sense of ownership of the relocation exercise. It was not forced down their throats. Time management: Reasonable time for the project allowed successful delivery of office equipment to the new building.